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Number of Discs:2 
Label: Metro Doubles
Catalogue Number: METRDCD541
Barcode: 0698458704122  

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by: Matt Weston - Commander Bond . net

Track: 02. Joanne Farrell – Goldfinger (3:04): Farrell delivers a quite sexy performance that is marred only by a rather tinny instrumental, no doubt due to the small size of the orchestra. It’s quite noticeable towards with the opening beats as well as at the end of the song; whilst Farrell holds that final note well, the instrumental doesn’t quite match up. A very jazzy trumpet features prominently, as does a Bondian sounding guitar. One minor fairly insignificant thing that has stood out to me on repeat listenings is Farrell’s articulation on a handful words (“beware of his heart arf gold”), but it isn’t a major detraction.

  Audio: Joanne Farrell - sings - Goldfinger
Track 14. Joanne Farrell – Moonraker (3:13): Covering perhaps the most underrated song in the whole Bond canon, Joanne Farrell does an ample job of carrying this soothing tune. From time to time, Farrell deviates slightly from the original’s vocals, resulting in a more imaginative rendition of the theme. The instrumental uses heavier percussion than the original did, to its benefit. It goes without saying, but these songs work far better when the vocalist is not simply attempting to reproduce the original singer.   Audio: Joanne Farrell - sings - Moonraker
Track: 17. Joanne Farrell – Diamonds Are Forever (2:43): With a dark and moody opening that is a smidgen evocative of David Arnold and David McAlmont’s Diamonds Are Forever (You Expect Me To Do What, Mr. Goldfinger? Mix), Farrell goes on to deliver an enthusiastic vocal that is perhaps the most varied in this collection. The instrumental uses similar disco-style sound effects that were found in the original recording and some heavy percussion (this time reminiscent of the original version of the Arnold/McAlmont collaboration) that carries the song. This is quite an enjoyable cover.   Audio: Joanne Farrell - sings - Diamonds Are Forever

Matt's Summary

Totally… James Bond is money well spent for the 007 music fan. Don’t expect fresh new takes on your favourite themes, and be prepared for the odd imitation or two, and this two-disc set makes for a decent purchase.

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